Damien mammoliti nocturion cover 18v1

Cover Art

Damien mammoliti nocturion game board v4

Main Board

Damien mammoliti questcard 27 waterwatchboats

Quest Card

Damien mammoliti questcard 10 plainsofdespair

Quest Card

Damien mammoliti questcard 09 sailorsrefuge

Quest Card

Damien mammoliti playerboard1

Pl;ayer Board

Damien mammoliti nocturion cursecard01

Curse Card

Damien mammoliti nocturion cursecard backing

Curse Backing

Damien mammoliti legendary cardback

Legendary Backing

Damien mammoliti nocturion location cardback

Location Backing

Here is a healthy batch of art for Nocturion, which is up on KS now. I've had the pleasure to work with Vesuvius Media to create a large portion of the art for the board game. It was a labor of love, for sure :) 🦅🐉

If you're interested in more art (and board game design totally stimulates you), feel free to check out the campaign for more of it!